How can I use another parser - like Piccolo

JDOM uses the JAXP package and this allow you to change the parser implementation without any recompilation. We chosen to let JAXP handle this configuration. For more information read the JAXP documentation .


Missing libraries

Because of license reason we can't include the tools.jar file from the jdk. In order to compile the project you will have to include the file into maven. Can add it to lib/tools/jars.

I'm new to Maven - how do I start ?

A good starting point is Maven's Getting started page. But I'm going to give you some commands in order to get a jumpstart:

Command Description
maven -g Show all available commands
maven site:generate Will generate the whole project documentation
maven java:compile Compiles the source code
maven java:test Compiles and runs the unittests
maven -X <target> Runs maven in debug/verbose mode

Maven sucks - why not use ANT ?

There is an ANT script for those who want to use ANT instead. This ANT script will only do the basic stuff such as compiling and jar'ing.

Why is Maven slow and sluggish ?

The current version (beta 10) haven't had focus on performance and memory efficiency. It will be better but if you have a lot of memory I would recommend to run the maven -console command. This reads the project.xml file and let you run commands without having to do the heavy startup. It's actually faster than ANT. Read more on maven's ANT vs maven pages.


What kind of logging implementation are used ?

We're using the jakarta common logging API for logging. This makes jDiSeq undependent on the actual logging toolkit so both log4j and the jdk1.4 logging toolkit can be used. Read more on the jakarta common logging userguide .


Frequently asked questions about unittesting jDiSeq

Why do several of my unittests fail ?

It might be because assertion isn't default enabled when running JUnit tests. Enable assertion with the -ea switch.

Maven-beta-10 also needs to fork the JUnit tests in order to run the tests correctly. Look at the maven test plugin page