jDiSeq - documentation of the real world

jDiSeq is a tool which analyzes a running system - client- or serverside - and generates UML (Unified Modeling Language) sequence diagrams. jDiSeq will give Java software projects the ability to generate an up-to-date dynamic view upon the system they are analyzing.

It's possible to run jDiSeq at batch mode defining - in RUP terms - architectural significant use cases as test cases. This would allow the documentation be updated during nightly build.


The main focus has been to be able to create sequence diagram by analyzing the running code. In order to get valuable information from jDiSeq it must be easy to do fine grained filtering. The result of running jDiSeq might end up with an XML which can be presented by Maven to show execution paths for architecture significant use cases.

IDE plug-ins

We might be making IDE plug-ins for jDiSeq to popular IDE, but since there are several example on this usage - our focus have then been to make a tool which can be run in batch mode and which can assist to keep documentation up to date.

Future features

There should be possible to mix the information from running jDiSeq with JavaDoc to show usage of the method/class.

Since there are many similarities between sequence and collaboration diagram, it should be possible to also generate collaborational view based on the same inforamtion generated by jDiSeq.